The Ultimate guide “How To Blog”

This is the Ultimate course to start yur own Blog:

These are the fundamental things to start and be great on whatever you are going to do with your Blog: Bulding your carrer, Speak about your hobby and make them profitable or only to share the things that you know and are passionate about:

« if you do something that you love you will do it in the best way ever »

The Aim

Why do you want to start a Blog?

Seems and could be an easy question, but is also very powerful; Once you have this clear in your mind will be easier and motivating during the journey of Blogging.

These are my whys once started:

• To let other people feel the same great experiences and take advantage from

• To give and share valuable and inspiring stories and info to the readers

• To give to the like-minded fellows that want to do the same a ready to use guide

Once you have the why or whys clear then go ahead with this course, if not try to write them down and refine them also along this course.

So let’s Start!


What is Blog and why Blogging?

Definition of blog

A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal displaying information.

It is a platform where writers share their views on an individual subject, documenting their passion.

Blog structure

Here are common features that typical blog will include:

Header with the menu or navigation bar

Main content area with highlighted or latest blog posts

Sidebar with social profiles, favourite content, or call-to-action

Footer with relevant links like a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.

What is it blogging?

Blogging is the many skills that one needs to run and control a blog. Equipping web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content easier on the internet.

Build The Strategy

Here the five most important pillars to build up the Content Strategy,

Every step of the strategy to create content is important as all of them, connected together, bring up the content.

Building Audience

The audience is your customer and they are one of the major things to consider, because you want your niche to be engaged and interested about what you have to say;

Quality & Unique content:

The content must be unique because will create your branding, you are a creator of the best of yourself, and is ok to have references, obviously, and you want also give them a credits.

Must be SEO oriented, about this you can do “evergreen” content, like “How To ….. “

Channels used and linked each other

You need Social Networks Platforms, to give more “life” and more “personality” to your posts and more visibility; The ones used, depending in which nice you are, (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube..) must be connected and redirect to your main platform. In this case the Blog;

Planning N° and Timing of the posts

A blog is time consuming, and to bring down the time invested you should plan how many posts you want to release and when, so you will have a clear idea about the work to be done;


Document every thing that you are doing, in order to see where you are doing good and focus on it, and in the other hand to improve where can be done better.

Content Development & Curation


Creating the “concept” depending on the platform chosen, see what the other they do and take the good things from them such as the hashtags used from the influencers of you niche;


Have a timeframes about when write the posts and when publish them, write a catchy headlines

And decide where to share them, if only in the Blog or also in Social Media,

Content Curation: no errors and useful;


Build a very good reputation is a crucial points when no one knows you and the content that you are bringing out.

Take part in the comments and manage them well, both positive & negative;


Asses your audience, align content around the audience but not loosing the originality, make the changes, feeback are positive.

Repeat the chain to improve.

SEO & Key-Words

Search Engine Optimization

What is It?

Is getting free and orgainc traffic into your blog, or website.

The search engine will display your site as first.


The search engine* will take in consideration: What people are searching, Metadata of your site, Keywords, Original and fresh content.


Is the programm code of you web-site, so the blog releated will be also visible;

In case of a CMS such a WordPress and Blogger you do have only to consider the Titles, Descriptions and the Name of the pictures (ALT text name).

Key Words?

Are the key-words that the users search for a specific argument and those must be reported on your blog in order to be visible doing a normal research.


Key Words: Are an useful “tool” to start to use and consider, because will help and improve to attract more and the right audience, interested to your content, but how we need to determinate before searching for right ones?

Search Volume

A key word may have a lot of blog or site related and this will lead to more competition, so the right keyword for your niche (Food, Travel, Fashion etc..) must be chosen wisely;


The key words must be related about what you are offering as a content and what people are searching about, or you will have traffic not interested to what you are writing about;

Long Tail terms

Long words that need a two different words to give a meaning of a certain argument, and be more specific, like healthy-food those are used to target a very specific audience;

Original Content

The more original and unique with a correct and smooth writing the more you will be shown in the search engine, be original in everything: Pictures, Video and Audio related to the post.


Monetize my Platform: The ways to monetize will depends on the decision of your main platfrom. Are various but some can be the same even if using different platforms

Google Adsense

This is the most common in web-site and blog, as you will be exposed to a banners, advertising in all the web-page.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the process to market a product or a services in behalf of the owners, in exchange of a % for each leads or conversions: for each click or sell that they make with your link you get a commission.


This is the way more personal, because you are the decision maker on which product or services to sponsor on you website or blog, and those will be more relevant to your niche.


This is the way to start to sell your own products, while blogging or vlogging you are be able to create content, from your content, so you can sell to your audience.


The second way to have your own ready to sell product or service is to do some webinars, here you can give to your skills the power to let you earn.

Useful Tools

Tips and Links:

Key-Words: Google Keyword planner

Competitors research:

Social media strategy:

Social Media sharing tool:

Free Photo:

Monetize: www.adsense.comMarketing – Boost – Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing: Sharesales – Flexoffers – Tradedoubler – CJ affiliate ———


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