Global Women’s Summit under the theme: « The future is African » as a part of the organization of the Global Women Summit:

25 and 26 April 2019 – Hotel Hyatt Regency Casablanca

The African continent is one of the fastest growing regions in the world and has a growing technology sector, a viable market, rich in entrepreneurship and innovation. Technology shapes the future and enables Africa to overcome development challenges; we are proud to have created a community focused on empowering women for change and innovation. A place where we evolve to succeed and contribute to the reinvention of the Africa of tomorrow.

This summit supported the business leaders and leaders in the design and deployment of disruptive strategies by acting on three temporalities: Strategy, Technology and for a better turnover of capital and sustainable development of the company based on an economic model in permanent regeneration.

The Global Women’s Summit, which took place on 25 and 26 April 2019 in Casablanca around the theme “The Future is African” helped leaders and organizations to make connections, learn and to act on diversity, inclusion and Gender diversity in a changing and metamorphosing world.

Through inspiring keynotes, in-depth knowledge of technology trends and doing business in Africa, workshops in TECH,  personal development and exhibition space for the most innovative startups, as well as a global network of the most influential women. This conference offered all the content and networking opportunities needed to develop Women’s Leadership and Empowerment.

This conference was the home for two days of more than 20 speakers, 10 Business and Startups with more than 180 people.

The focus was on the following themes:

– Game Changers in Diversity and Inclusion: Mr. Hicham SERGHINI – DG Central Guarantee Fund and Mrs. Zakia HAJJAJI – DRH Orange- Leading and Empowerment: Ms. Samira SITAIL – DGA 2M; Ms. Amina FIGUIGUI – DG National Ports Office

– Career Guidance and Personal Growth: Ms. Hasnaa BOUTZIL – DG Green Landscaping Corporation – OCP
– shining a light on Africa’s Success stories: Ms. Fatima AITAISSA- Founder and CEO of Morocco Unlimited Group – Doing Business in
Africa: Ms. Rekiya EDDERHEM – Minister for Foreign Trader- Sustaining Africa’s Next Gen Talent: Mr. Abdelatif MIRAOUI – University President Cadi Ayyad

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