How to Develop Your Startup in Morocco


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Are you willing to relocate yourself in Morocco?

What you need to know to start your business in Morocco,

After investing 5 months of my time to discover the ecosystem and the development in Morocco, the most advanced and with higher growth country in the Nort African countries, we have created a guide about the Eco-system of Casablanca*, others will follow.

The Entrepreneurs or Business owners which are thinking about investing in a fast-growing environment will get great benefits, supports and help from the Moroccan government itself, which is willing to invest more and more in the expansion of the country; as well as the support of the game-changers’ community.

One of the first thing that we need to know is that Morocco is a francophone country, the new generation and in the business environment, french is the first language used.

The local language, which is a Moroccan Arabic: called darija, is obviously an advantage, even tho is not used as much as in the Middle East countries.

English isn’t used from everyone, the majority of the English speakers are located in Marrakech and Agadir, due to the high flow of tourist which respectively enjoy the beautiful attractions and place of Marrakech, and the endless summer of Agadir and the nearby areas.

Morocco is strategically located between Europe and ME countries; has several strategically located ports all over the coast, connecting countries in both Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts.

In the Marsa Maroc’s website, you will be able to find useful information if you are willing to start an export and import in Morocco.

Moroccan Entrepreneurship it’s growing fast in different and several areas, with the ambition of the government to be the strongest Eco-system in Africa and, be the leading country of the continent.

Below I’ve reported for You some of the best platforms where you are able to raise capital from a Venture Capital Firm for your project or startup:

Maroc Numeric Fund

CDG Capital, a private equity firm

*for the complete Eco-system of Casablanca click here

Other African Based Venture Capital Firms:

500 Startups, this is well known from you; now busy, and getting busier, in the African tech startup space.


Algebra Ventures,

Y Combinator,

Kalon Venture Partners,

Ventures Platform,

The money will follow if you have a good idea, the determination and the will power to execute on it; even better, obviously if your project has some traction and already a niche of customers.

N.B You will reach your goals. “Just” put in a lot of work!

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